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The right knowledge and expertise coupled with the proper equipment, efficient processes and high standards—the results are an unparalleled quality product; on time and within the budget outlined. In addition, we possess a keen business sense; we are very much aware and sensitive to financial price points at which units sell. We work closely with clients to ensure a proper balance between pricing and consumer appeal.

Especially in the catalog environment, we understand how critical it is that we match our commitments to our clients’ deadlines.

Each and every process in production and assembly including material ordering, frame building, mat board cutting and assembly is performed in-house. We, therefore, maintain us full control over quality and quality assurance. Absolutely no work, under any circumstance, is outsourced.

Once you have approved our samples, all you need to do is place the order and consider it done!

Our production standards assure
you a quality job:

Material Sourcing – Our vendors have a proven history of delivering materials as expected with no exceptions... that means no back-orders, no delays and no price increases.

Measurement Plan – We create a “measurement plan” for each product that follows it through the plant. So, whether we are cutting a mat board joining a frame or fastening a hanger, the plan is always there guiding the process... that means you get exactly the framing design you ordered.

Controlled Assembly – Our assemble area is always kept clean and, to the extent possible, dust free. Our skilled assemblers pay keen attention to details and meticulously process your order... that means no bad corner joins or trapped dust particles.